Are Bed Bugs
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Are YOU Protected Against Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug infestations are increasing at an alarming rate. Whether it's hotels, apartments, houses, or even mansions, bed bugs are taking nearly every corner of the country by the swarm.



What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

  • Warm Blood Feeding Parasites
  • Nocturnal (Feed at Night)
  • Dwell in Beds, Sofas, Cribs & Furniture
  • Cause Itching & Discomfort
  • Most are non-visible to human eye
  • Can live from months without feeding

Bed bugs are small parasites that feed on your warm blood. These pests dwell inside mattresses and other furnishings, and typically come out at night while you are asleep. They will either crawl out from the inside of your mattress and go directly to your skin or climb a wall and across the ceiling until they feel your body heat - then they jump down to feed.


Bed bug bites are painless and allergic reactions normally don't occur for several weeks, and are often times blamed on mosquitoes or fleas. This gives bed bugs extra time for their nymphs (baby bed bugs) to hatch, and before one knows it, the home is infested.

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Bedroom Guardian was initially created in 2012 after the bed bug outbreak plagued the hotel industry. With the success of our initial launch, we began to see the these irritating creatures were traveling from hotels to households and causing quite an epidemic. Bedroom Guardian is a leading supplier of bed bug protection devices and has been used by thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.

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